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Well, you might have noticed… I started sharing videos about Japanese culture and travel on YouTube. At first, they were only landscape videos, but now I am getting serious! Sort of –  I am trying to explore the potential of video (and YouTube in particular) to spread more info and curiosities about Japanese culture and tradition, easy travel guides to Japan, for beginners and travel tips for a different, off the beaten track Japan!

Japanese culture and travel on Youtube

Not the easiest place for me

Yes, it is not the most comfortable place in the world for me; I am extremely shy, and even if I started shooting these video locked up in my home, alone and secluded from the outside world, I am still a little (well, a lot) uneasy on camera. But I will get better, because I think this could be a very effective way to share my experience and what knowledge I have about Japan with you all.

Video about Japanese culture and travel

I prepared a whole blog section dedicated to the post with videos, because I really think this is an amazing way to share the things I’ve learned and to exchange opinions, experiences and ideas with you all. So, here it is:


You will find different kind of contents, from travel diaries to culture tips, and to short vlog while I am in the country.

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I am open to suggestions, and of course to comments and tips – especially if you have any particular place you would like to know more of, or some weird cultural tradition that you want to explore (Japan-wise). And of course, conquer Youtube might be too strong of a statement, but I really hope that, in time, I will be able to get in touch with more and more people who love Japan as much as I do.

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Hope you will enjoy them, I certainly am enjoying filming them! Talk to you soon 🙂