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This is going to be a short post, just a means to say “Thank you!” with all my heart to all the people that worked for this amazing event, and that let me be part of it!

As I mention your before, the Nipponbashi Matsuri 2017 was a two-day long event, filled with food tasting, workshops, conferences and nice stands with Japanese goods.

The conference “Tra Spiriti, déi e antenati”

I am very happy for my conference, people seemed interested and participated with enthusiasm to the event, leaving me with a nice pleasant feeling of…

how to say… my mind was like “Yes, you are doing the right thing!”… Does it makes any sense?

Conference on Japanese religions at Nipponbashi Matsuri 2017

Look at all those people! Thank you so much…

We talked about Japanese religions, the land of the dead, the mysterious and dreadful mountains, and then about ancestors and spirits… angry ghost in particular, and we prepared for the following Hundred Spirit Parade!

Conference on Japanese religions at Nipponbashi Matsuri 2017

During the conference

Documentary Screening

The second day, we had the screening of our documentary, about shamanism in Japan, in particular about my beloved itako (for those who still don’t know what this is all about, take a look here!).

Again, we filled the whole room, with some people in the hallway waiting to enter… it was incredible, and made me feel really proud for the work done…

Most important, we began to sell the dvd!
Quite a good feedback on the topic, I have to say!

If you are interested, you can visit the shop on the documentary website

Finally, again thank you to all the amazing people that worked for this event, and thank you to the cultural association Nipponbashi for involving me in such an amazing experience! Hope to meet you all again, and be able to work together many more times