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Hello, my friends! I have been a little absent recently… I had less time to write, and to film, and I think it’s time for me to explain why! I opened a bookstore!

Yes, I did it finally! The bookstore is called Inari Books and Lifestyle, and it’s in Turin, my hometown. It began as a way to express my deep love for Japan, and for books (yes, I have been dreaming about a bookstore since I was 17…); so in December, I finally managed to open it!

The fox is here

So, the bookstore is completely dedicated to Japan (no China, no Korea… JAPAN), because that’s what I know best; we have literature, essays, arts and language books, plus some dvd by directors such Akira Kurosawa. Aside from this, we also decided to offer a selection of different products such as tableware and homeware, jewelry and stationery: we widened the offer in order to show the variety of Japanese arts and crafts, and to speak also to those who are not necessarily Japan’s nuts… and who knows, maybe once they are here they will become!

We also have an e-commerce, where you can find part of our selection, and where we will try and experiment some more interesting “stuff”, really soon!

Hope you have a good time!

And of course, I will talk to you soon!

Find out more about Inari: