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Japanese buddhism and religions

Hi and welcome back!
Today, I want to have a quick – and easy – chat about Buddhism: I talk about the figures of Bodhisattva, which in Japan are called bosatsu 菩薩.

In the buddhist tradition, a bodhisattva is someone who attains buddhahood but refuses to enter Nirvana. He decides instead to remain here and save all the living beings.

Buddhist saviour in Japan

Bosatsu are therefore well loved characters in Japanese Buddhism: they protect the human beings and promise to save every living creature from the samsara. They are more active in the era called Mappo Era: this is a time in which the power of the buddhist doctrine decreases, and it’s very hard for the common people to reach enlightenment.

There are few important bosatsu in Japan, among which we should remember Jizo, the beloved saviour of children, Kannon 観音 and sometimes Amida 阿弥.