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Painting Japanese buddhism and religions | Traditions and culture in Japan

Japanese buddhism and religions Hi and welcome back! Today, I want to have a quick - and easy - chat about Buddhism: I talk about the figures of Bodhisattva, which in Japan are called bosatsu 菩薩. In the...

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Japanese religions facts: who are the itako shamans?

Japanese religions are an interesting topics, being so rich in variations and local traditions; I know, I already discussed this topic plenty, but honestly I think I didn't quite give you a proper introduction...

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01. Cultura Giapponese, 08. Video

Japanese religions facts: space and religion in Japan

Hi, today I'm back with a new video about Japanese religions facts (dah...), and the very charming way in which space is conceived and organized; in particular, I will chat about the dynamic between...

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